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Dans Niveau Koreograf Musik Kunstner Udlært
Take A Breather  Beginner/Intermediate  Maggie Gallagher  I Need A Breather  Darryl Worley  2004/2005 
Take It Easy On Me  Improver  Alison Johnstone  Take It Easy On Me  Beth Hart  2012/2013 
Take Me To Church  Advanced  Gayton Mundy and Fred Whitehouse  Take Me To Church  Hozier  2014/2015 
Take Me To The River  Intermediate  Roy Verdonk & Jonas Dahlgren  Take Me To The River  Kaleida  2016 
Take Me To The River - Easy  High Beginner  Lene Mainz Pedersen  Take Me To The River  Kaleida   
Take Me To The Water  Advanced  Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto  To The Water  Matt Simons  2017 
Take My Love  Advanced - Rolling 8  Jean-Pierre Madge  I Have Nothing   Whitney Houston   
Take My Love  Advanced  Jean-Pierre Madge   I Have Nothing  Whitney Houston  2024 
Take Myself Dancing  Intermediate  Joshua Talbot  Flowers  Miley Cyrus   
Talkin to the Moon  Intermediate/Advanced  Joey Warren  Talkin to the Moon  Bruno Mars  2010/2011 
Tango Cha  Intermediate  Jo Thompson Szymanski  Tango  Jaci Velasquez  Alanya 2008 
Tango With Me Darling  Intermediate  Rob Fowler and Daniel Whittaker  Tango  Michael Nantel  2016/2017 
Teardrops  Easy Intermediate  Tine Norup  Only Teardrops  Emmelie De Forest  2013/2014 
Tearing Us Apart  High Intermediate/Advanced  Ria Vos  Wait  JP Cooper  2018 
Tears On A Highway  Intermediate  Francien Sittrop  Calm After The Storm (Radio Edit)  The Common Linnets  2014 
Tell Your Heart To Beat Again  Intermediate  Jo Kinser, Jonas Dahlgren and Michael Barr  Tell Your Heart To Beat Again  Danny Gokey.  2016/2017 
Telling On My Heart  Intermediate  Ria Vos  Telling On My Heart  Casey Donahew  24/1-2024 
Tennesse Waltz Surprise  Beginner  Andy Chumbley  Tennesse Waltz  Ireen Sheer  2009/2010 
Tequila Chikita  Phrased High Intermediate   Jean-Pierre Madge & José Miguel Belloque Vane   Backpack  Tag & Pitbull  2021 
Thank You Very Much  Improver / Intermediate  Sobrielo Philip Gene  Stop   Spice Girls   
Thankful  Improver  Fred Whitehouse  Thankful  Celine Dion  2013/2014 
Thanks A Lot  Improver  Robbie McGowan Hickie  1,2,3  Ann Taylor  Konaktepe 2007 
That Kinda Loving  Advanced  Gayton Mundy  Crazy  Aerosmith  Kusadasi 2011 
That Man  Improver  Dough and Jackie Miranda  That Man  Caro Emerald  2012/2013 
That Will Be Me  Intermediate / Advanced NC  Niels Poulsen  That Wasn't Me  Brandi Carlile   
The Anthem  Advanced  Scott Blevins  The Anthem  Griz  2016/2017 
The Bite  Easy Intermediate  Ria Vos  La Mordidita  Ricky Martin ft. Yotuel  2016 
The Blame  Intermediate  Ria Vos  Nothing But The Blame  Renee Olstead  2017 
The Blarney Roses  Improver  Maggie Gallagher  Where The Blarney Roses Grow  The Willoughby Brothers   
The Bomp  Improver  Kim Ray  Who Put The Bomp  The Overtones   
The Boy Can Dance  Intermediate  Ross Brown  The Boy Can Dance  Afro-Dite  2012/2013 
The Cool Cats  Beginner  Niels Poulsen  A Cool Cat In Town  Tape Five ft. Brenda Boykin  2015 
The Eurodance  Intermediate  Team Eurodance w/Dee Musk  Solo  Clean ft. Demi Lovato  2018 
The Finish Line  Intermediate  Kim Liebsch  Finish Line  Elton John & Stevie Wonder   
The First Thing  Intermediate  Debbie McLaughlin  The First Thing  Esmee Denters  Bitez 2010 
The Flute  Intermediate  Maggie Gallagher  Flute  Barcode Brothers  2011/2012 
The Flute Easy  Beginner  Kirsten Hansen  The Flute  Barcode Brothers  2011/2012 
The Freeze  Beginner  Unknown      2004/2005 
The Golden Touch  Phrased Intermediate  Adam Åstmar, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, malene Jakobsen  Golden Touch  jaxson Gamble   
The Good Life  Intermediate/Advanced  Rachael McEnaney  The Good Life  Robin Thicke  2013/2014 
The Great Gatsby  Advanced  Laura Carvill  Bang Bang  Will.i.am  2013/2014 
The Greatest Love Of All  Advanced  Niels B. Poulsen and Gary O’Reilly and Jose Miguel Belloque Vane   The Greatest Love Of All  Whitney Houston  2019/2020 
The Gueen  Improver  Guillaume Richard, Rémi Lamaire & Gaetan Bachellerie  Tilted  Christine and The Queens  2017 
The King And I  Beginner  Christy Fox  I Got Stung   Elvis Prestley  2004/2005 
The Last Man Standing  High Intermediate  Jannie Tofte Stoian & Kirsten Matthiessen  Last Man Standing  Livingston  2024 
The Last Word  High Intermediate  Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto   The Last Word  Frances  2018 
The Longest Time  Beginner  Dee Musk  Longest Time  Glee Cast  2013/2014 
The Most Beautiful Girl  Beginner  Niels Poulsen  The Most Beautiful girl  Charlie Rich   
The Other Side  Intermediate  Will Craig, Jo & John Kinser, Rachel McEnaney, Niels Poulsen, Kate Sala, Roy Verdonk  The Other Side  Jason Derulo  2014/2015 
The Paris Bob   Beginner  Kate Sala & Ed Lawton  Right Now   Steve & Heather   Alanya 2006 
The Peaceful Valley  Advanced  Fred Whitehouse and Joey Warren  Up To The Mountain  Patty Griffin  2015/2016 
The Pearl  Intermediate  Maria Maag & Jannie Tofte Andersen  The Black Pearl  Scotty  2010/2011 
The Picnic Polka  Improver  David Paden  Cowboy Sweetheart  LeAnn Rimes   
The Real World  Intermediate  Ruthie B.  Real World  D-Side  2004/2005 
The Reel Thing  Advanced  Maggie Gallagher  Hit You With The Real Thing  Westlife  2005/2006 
The Right Way  Intermediate  Dee Musk  The Right Way  Peter Andre´  2004/2005 
The Rose  Easy Intermediate  Maria Maag  The Rose  Westlife  2016 
The Same Star  Intermediate  Robbie McGowan Hickie  The Same Star  Ruslana  2011/2012 
The Shape Of You  High Beginner  Emma Skov Støttrup Mainz & Lene Mainz Pedersen  Shape Of You  Ed Sheeran   
The Smell Of Your Sweet Perfume  Intermediate/Advanced  Simon Ward  Billy Jean  David Cook  2008/2009 
The Snake 2.0  Phrased Advanced  Simon Ward & Dustin Betts  Here Comes the Snake  Cherry Poppin' Daddies  2023 
The Sphinx  Phrased Advanced  Simon Ward, Roy Hadisubroto, Fiona Murray & Rebecca Lee   Medellín (Offer Nissim Madame X In The Sphinx Mix) (2022 Remaster)  Madonna & Maluma  2022 
The Stomp  Intermediate  Robbie McGowan Hickie  Stomp Your Feet  Francisca Urio  2011/2012 
The Story Of My Life  Improver  Craig Bennett  The Story Of My Life  One Direction  2013/2014 
The Stroma Dance  Advanced  Niels B. Poulsen  Alors En Dance  The Stromae  Kusadasi 2010 
The Three Letter Word  Beginner  Kim Liebsch  All about sex  Christopher   
The Violin  Intermediate  Kate Sala  The Violin Song  Monoir, Osaka, Brianna  2017 
The Waiting Game  Intermediate  Fred Whitehouse & Joey Warren  Waiting Game  Parson James  2016 
The Wanderer  Improver  Michelle Risley  The Wanderer  Status Quo  2012/2013 
The Way  Intermediate  Gerard Murphy  The Way  Clay Aiken  2006/2007 
The Way God Made You  Intermediate NC  Dee Musk  The Way God Made You  Retreats   
The Yellow And Green  Intermediate  Alison and Peter  Shotgun  George Ezra  2018/2019 
Think About It  Advanced  Joey Warren  Let Me Think About It  Ida Corr and Fedde Le Grand  Alanya 2008 
This Big  Improver  GayeTeather  I Love You This Big  Scotty Mcreery  2012/2013 
This is 30  Phrased Advanced  Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever  This is 30  Loren Rosko  2024 
This Is Us  Phrased Advanced  Rebecca Lee & Fred Whitehouse   This Is Us  Alisan Porter  2019 
This Little Light   Beginner/Intermediate  Jo Thompson Szymanski & Rita Thompson  This Little Light Of Mine   Scooter Lee   Alanya 2006 
This Love   Beginner/Intermediate  Chrissi Hodgson  S'cuse Moi My Heart   Colin Ray   Alanya 2006 
This Time of Year  Beginner  Kim Liebsch  HERE (For Christmas)  Lukas Graham   
This Time of Year  Beginner  Kim Liebsch  HERE (For Christmas)  Lukas Graham   
Thorn In My Side  High Improver  Niels Poulsen  Thorn In My Side  Eurythmics   
Those Russians  Easy Intermediate  Niels Poulsen  Rasputin  Boney M  2016 
Those Russians  Easy Intermediate  Niels Poulsen  Rasputin  Boney M  2016 
Those Were The days  High Beginner  Daniel Whittaker & Rob Fowler  Those Were the Days  Hermes House Band  2014/2015 
Three Beers To Mexico  Improver  Roy Verdonk - Jose Miguel Belloque Vane  3 Beers To Mexico  Shane Warner   
Throw The Dice  Advanced  Joey Warren  Hit Me Up  Danny Fernandes ft. Josh Ramsay  2011/2012 
Throwback Love  Phrased intermediate  Pim van Grootel, José miguel Belloque Vane, Raymond Sarlemijn, Jean-Pierre Madge  Throwback Love  Meghan Trainor  2017 
Thumbs Up  Intermediate/Advanced  Scott Blevins & Amy Glass  Thumbs  Sabrina Carpenter  2017 
Tick Tock Two  Improver  Rachael McEnaney  Tick Tock  Si Cranstoun  2014 
Ticket To The Blues!  Beginner  Niels Poulsen  One Way Ticket  Eruption  2015 
til the neons gone  Im  Darren Bailey  Til The Neons Gone  Josh Mirenda   
til the neons gone  Improver  Darren Bailey  Til The Neons Gone  Josh Mirenda  190922 
Timber  Intermediate  Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick  Timber  Pitbull feat. Ke$ha  2013/2014 
Time 2 Fly  Intermediate  Kate Sala  The Same Side  Lucie Silvas  2006/2007 
Time Heals  Intermediate  Kim Liebsch  Be Alright  Dean Lewis  2019 
Time To Play  Intermediate  Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs  Hit The Floor  Big Ali ft. Dollarman  Kusadasi 2009 
Time To Ride  Advanced  Masters In Line  Watcha Doin Tonight  Liberty X  Kusadasi 2008 
Tip Pon It  High Intermediate  Shane McKeever, Steven Buhannic, Isabelle Delage, Coline Ragot, Jonathan Yang  Tip Pon It  Sean PAUL ft. Major LAZER  2019 
Tip Toe  Phrased Advanced  Fred Whitehouse  Tip Toe  Jason Derulo ft. French Montana  2018 
Tju Tju Poltergeist (Party)   Advanced  Tina & Bjarne Nielsen  The Shape I'm In   The Deans   2006 
To Eternity!  High Intermediate  Niels Poulsen & Simon Ward  Hold On  Michael Buble  2012/2013 
To Love You More   Intermediate/Advanced  Neville Fitzgerald  In Your Eyes   George Benson   2006/2007 
To The Moon & Back  Intermediate  Gary O'Reilly & Debbie Rushton  Moon & Back  Alice Kristiansen  2018 
Together But Apart  Phrased High Intermediate   Niels Poulsen  Stuck With U  Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber  2020 
Told You So  Intermediate  Jannie Tofte Andersen  Told You So  Christoffer  2013/2014 
Tomme Løfter  Improver  Kim Liebsch  Tog Det Som En Mand  Clemens (feat. Nastasia)  2012/2013 
Tomorrow Never Comes  Intermediate  Karl Cregeen  If Tomorrow Never Comes  Garth Brooks  2004/2005 
Tonight We're Dancing  Intermediate  Maddison Glover  Tonight We're Dancing  Chris Young   
Too Much Love  Improver  Malene Jakobsen & Henriette Ulstrand  I Love You Too Much  Brady Seals  2007/2008 
Top Of The World  Beginner/Intermediate  Sharon Hutchinson  Top Of The World  The Carpenters  2005/2006 
Totally Nightclub  Intermediate  Rob Fowler  Total Eclipse Of The Heart  Westlife  Fethiye 2007 
Touchy  Beginner  Niels B. Poulsen  Sentimental  Gareth Gates  2009/2010 
Tougher Than That  Improver  Dee Musk  Tougher Than That  Van Preston   
Train Swing  Beginner  Niels Poulsen  Lover Please  Billy Swan   
Train Wreck  High Improver  Niels Poulsen  Can't Let Go  Jill King   
Travelin Music  Easy Intermediate  Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos  Travelin Music  Dennis Robbins  2007/2008 
Treasure  Intermediate  Craig Bennett & Linda McCormack  Treasure  Bruno Mars  2012/2013 
Trespassing  Intermediate/Advanced  Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey  Trespassing  Adam Lambert  2012/2013 
Trouble With My Baby  Improver  Craig Bennett and Tina Argyle  Trouble With My Baby  Paloma Faith  2013/2014 
Trouble with Treble  Easy Intermediate  Maddison Glover  All About That Base  Maghan Trainor  2014/2015 
True Believer  Improver  Niels Pouelsen  I Believe  Diamond Rio   
True Believer  Improver  Niels Pouelsen  I Believe  Diamond Rio   
True Love  Improver  Maria Maag  True Love  Pink!  2013/2014 
Try Me  Improver  Ria Vos  Try Me  Jason Derulo feat. Jennifer Lopez & Matoma  2015 
Try Step Band  Intermediate  Francis Marchio  Try  Pink   
Turn Away  Advanced  Paul James & David-Ian Blakeley  As You Turn Away   Lady Antebellum  2012/2013 
Turn Me Loose  Intermediate  Simon Ward  Turn Me Loose  Young Divas  Kusadasi 2008 
Turn The Beat Around  Intermediate  Rob Fowler & Dee Musk  Turn The Beat Around  Calico  2015 
Tush Push  Beginner/Intermediate  Jim Ferrazzano  Your Tattoo  Fever 4  2005/2006 
Twinkle  Intermediate  Rhoda Lai  Twinkle  TaeTiSeo (Girls Generation)  2012/2013 
Two Time Trick  Intermediate  Scott Blevins  Trick Me  Kelis  2006/2007