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Dans Niveau Koreograf Musik Kunstner Udlært
S.T. One  High Beginner  Rachael McEnaey-White  Still The One  Orleans   
Sadness  Advanced  Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever  Sadness   Connor Duermit  2021 
Safe in These Arms  Intermediate  Dee Musk & Fred Whitehouse  Run to You  Lea Michele  2017 
Sailing   Intermediate  Jo & John Kinser  Sailing   Rod Stewart   2006/2007 
salt lime and tequila  Beginner  Michelle Wright  Salt, lime & tequila  Ryan Griffin   
Sanctify My Sins  Advanced  Shane McKeever, Debbie Rushton & Rebecca Lee  Sanctify   Years & Years  2018 
Sangria Sun  Beginner  Tina Argyle  Sangria   Blake Shelton   
Saturn 5  Intermediate  Kate Sala  Que Hiciste (Remix)  Jennifer Lopez  Konaktepe 2007 
Sauced Up  High Intermediate  Dee Musk  Sauced Up  Fifth Harmony  2017 
Save The Day  Intermediate  Karl-Harry Winson  One Call Away  Charlie Puth  2016 
Sax  Intermediate  Maggie Gallagher  Sax  Fleur East  2015 
Say Hey  Intermediate  Teresa & Vera   Hit Me Up  Gia Farrell  2006/2007 
Say It Again  Intermediate  Kate Sala  Say It Again  Frances  2017 
Scandalous  Intermediate/Advanced  Neville Fitzgerald  Scandalous(Radio Edit)  Miss-Teeq  Fethiye 2007 
Scandinavia  Improver  Kim Liebsch  Scandinavia  Michael Learns To Rock   
Sccotin´ Bootin´  Improver  Mark Paulino  Country Dance  Aaron Goodvin  250923 
Sea Salt Sally  Intermediate  Kate Sala  Sea Salt Sally  Rick Guard  2007/2008 
Second Chance Waltz  Beginner  Michael Barr  4 Minus 3 Equals Zero  Georg Strait  2006/2007 
Second Time Around  Intermediate  Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey   Second Time Around  Jack Mosbacher  2018 
Secret Potion  Improver  Kim Liebsch  Black Magic  Little Mix  2015 
Secrets We Keep  Intermediate  Shane McKeever, Guillaume Richard & Niels Poulsen  The Secrets That We Keep  Sara Evans  2018 
See You Again  Intermediate  Dan Morrison  See You Again  Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth  2015 
Sekerim  Intermediate  Birgit Kjerside Jensen  Shake It Up Sekerim  Kenen Degulu  Konaktepe 2007 
Self Control  Intermediate  Maggie Gallagher  Self Control  Infernal  2006/2007 
Senorita La-La-La  Beginner/Improver  Julia Wetzel  Señorita  Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello   
Sentimental  Intermediate  Rachael McEnaney  Sentimental  Gareth Gates  2009/2010 
Serious Love   Phrased Advanced  Scott Blevins & Megan Wheeler  Serious Love  Anya Marina  2017 
Set Me Free  Intermediate/Advanced  Shaz Walton  Gravity  Sara Bareilles  2013/2014 
Settle the Score  Phrased Advanced  Shane McKeever, Fred Whitehouse & Niels Poulsen  Legend   The Score  2022 
Sex On The Beach  Beginner/Intermediate  Tom Clarke  Sex On The Beach  T Spoon  2004/2005 
Sexy Baby  Improver  Raymond and Line Sarlemeijn  If You Want My Body   Night A Ruxbury  2009/2010 
Sexy Beaches  Advanced  Dee Musk, Fred Whitehouse, Guyton Mundy & Niels Poulsen  Sexy beaches  Pitbull feat. Chloe Angelides  2017 
Sexy Body  Intermediate/advanced  Dustin Betts & Cody Flowers  Sexy Body   Pitbull ft. Jennifer Lopez  2023 
Sexy Lady  Intermediate  Craig Bennett  Sexy Lady  Jessie J  2013/2014 
Sexy Silk  Advanced  Jannie Tofte Andersen  Sexy Silk  Jessica Cornish (aka Jessie J)  2011/2012 
Shades  Intermediate  John Robinson & Pepper Siquieros  The Future Is So Bright, I Have Got To Wear Shades  Timbuk 3  2007/2008 
Shades Of Passion  Intermediate/Advanced  Rob Fowler  Earned it   The Weekend  2015 
Shady  Intermediate  Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse & Amy Glass  Shady  Adam Lambert  2017 
Shakatak  Intermediate  Kate Sala  Ciega Sordomuda  Shakira  2010/2011 
Shake  Advanced  Gayton Mundy  Shake  Ying Yang Twins and Pitbull  Fethiye 2009 
Shake That  Phrased intermediate  Maddison Glover  Shake That  Samantha Jade ft. Pitbull  2016 
Shakin My Head  Intermediate  Gayton Mundy  Shakin My Head  Detail Feat. Flo Rida  2013/2014 
Shamrock Soup  Intermediate  Maggie Gallagher  Medley  Sham Rock  Julefest 2008 
Share that Love!  Phrased High Intermediate   Jean-Pierre Madge & Jannie Tofte Stoian  Share That Love  Lukas Graham ft. G-Eazy  2021 
Share the Carrot  Advanced  Kirsten Matthiessen & Jannie Tofte Andersen  Runaway Baby  Bruno Mars  2015 
Shattered Dreams  Beginner  Karl Harry Winson  When You Say My Name  The Overtones  2012/2013 
She Believes  Intermediate  Kate Sala  She Believes In Me  Ronan Keating  2007/2008 
She Used To Be Mine  Advanced  Rachael McEnaney-White & Caroline Pillar   She Used To Be Mine  Sara Bareilles  2017 
She Would Give Anything  Intermediate  Daan Geelen  She Would Give Anything  Boy Howdy  Alanya 2009 
Shiver  Advanced  Debbie McLaughlin and Joey Warren  Shiver  Shawn Desman  2013/2014 
Shoes Of Another Man  Intermediate/Advanced  Jo Thompson Szymanski  Shoes Of Another Man  Brother Yusef  2009/2010 
Shoot Me Stupid  Intermediate  Jessica and Kelli Haugen  Stupid Cupid  Mandy Moore  2009/2010 
Shot Of Tequila  Intermediate  Fred Whitehouse  Drunk  Jeanette Akua  2019 
Shot Of Tequila  Intermediate  Fred Whitehouse  Drunk  Jeanette Akua  2019/2020 
Shots With Somebody  Intermediate  Rachael McEnaney-White  No Doubt About It  Empire Cast feat. Jussie Smollett & Pitbull  2015 
Should I   Beginner/Intermediate  Susanne Olsen  Should I, Would I, Could I   Modern Talking   2006/2007 
Should've Gone Home  intermediate  Ria Vos  should've gone home  Måns Zelmerlow   
Shoulda Been  Intermediate/Advanced  Joey Warren  All Wed Ever Need  Lady Antebellum  2009/2010 
Shouting to the Monsters  Intermediate  Niels Poulsen  Goliath  Smith & Thell   
Show Me  Intermediate  Joey Warren  Show Me What You Got  Ricky Cage  2023 
Show me all of you  Beginner  Kim Liebsch  All that you are  Sinead Harnett  070322 
Show Me The Love  Advanced  Simon Ward  I Want To Know What Love Is  Wynnona Judd  2011/2012 
Show Me Yours  Intermediate  Maggie Gallagher  Show Me Yours  Rick Guard  2006/2007 
Show Time  Intermediate  Kate Sala  The Show Must Go On  Queen  2013/2014 
Showstopper  Intermediate  Scott Blevins and Jo Thompson Szymanski  Showstopper  Brandon & Leah  2013/2014 
Shuffle Boogie Soul aka SBS  Beginner  Ira Weisburd  Honky Tonk  Preston Shannon  2010/2011 
Side By Side  Intermediate  Patricia E. Stott  We Work It Out   Joni Harms  2004/2005 
Silver Moon  Intermediate  Kate Sala  Tired Of Being Sorry  Enrique Iglesias  Konaktepe 2007 
Silver Moon-Light  Improver  Gitte Stehr  Tired Of Being Sorry  Enrique Iglesias  Kusadasi 2008 
Simplemente   Intermediate  Kate Sala  Simplemente   Chayanne   2006/2007 
Sing A Happy Song  Improver  Marie Sørensen  Sing (Tell The Blues So Long )  David Campbell  2012/2013 
Sing Sing Sing  Improver  Simon Ward  Sing (Tell The Blues So Long)  David Campbell   
Sister Kate  Intermediate  Ria Vos  Sister Kate  The Ditty Bobs  2009/2010 
Sjung Halleluja  Beginner  Kim Liebsch  Sjung Halleluja (Och Prisa Gud)  Orup    
Skiff A Billi  Beginner  Berit Hansen  Skiff A Billi Linedance  Johnny Earl  2006/2007 
Skinny Genes  Beginner  Pat & Lizzie Stott  Skinny Genes  Eliza Doolittle  2011/2012 
Sky High  Intermediate  Kate Sala  Fly Away  Lutricia McNeal   2006/2007 
Slamming Doors  Intermediate  Rob Fowler  Slamming Doors  Ben Heanow  2016 
Sleeping Child  Beginner  Maggie Gallagher  Sleeping Child  Michael Learns To Rock  2010/2011 
Sleepwalk With Me  Low Intermediate  Fred Whitehouse  Sleepwalk   The Shires   
Slippery  Beginner/Intermediate  Tripple xXx  Funny How Time Slips Away  Lyle Lovett & Al Green  2006/2007 
Slow Burn  Intermediate  John Robinson & Kathy Hunyadi  Fire  Desree ft. Babyface  2009/2010 
Slow Hands  Easy Intermediate  José Miguel Belloque Vane  Slow Hands  Niall Horan  2017 
Slow Surrender  Improver  Niels B. Poulsen  Overgir Mig Langsomt  Mads Langer  2012/2013 
Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS)  Easy Intermediate  Gary O'Reilly  Despacito (Remix)  Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Bieber  2017 
Smoke Me   Intermediate   Jamie Barnfield & Laura Sway   Smoke Me   Sasha Lopez, Misha Miller    
Smoke Me   Intermediate   Jamie Barnfield & Laura Sway   Smoke Me   Sasha Lopez, Misha Miller    
Smooth Criminal  Intermediate  Barry Porter and Paul Hulatt  Smooth Criminal  Michael Jackson  Fethiye 2009 
Snap Your Fingers  Intermediate/Advanced  Rachael McEnaney  Snap Your Fingers  Ronnie Milsap  Kusadasi 2010 
So EmpTy  Intermediate  M.T. Groove  Without Me  Eminem   2006/2007 
So Feisty  Advanced  Scott Blevins & Tajali Hall  Feisty  Jhameel  071014 
So Glamorous  Intermediate  Francien Sittrop  Glamorous  Natalia  2007/2008 
So Into You  Intermediate/Advanced  Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris  Into You  Ariana Grande  2016/2017 
So Just Dance  High Improver waltz  Jannie Tofte Andersen  Can’t Stop The Feeling  Tore Bojsten   
So Just Dance Dance Dance  Easy Intermediate  José MB Vane & Guillaume Richard  Can't Stop The Feeling  Justin Timberlake  2016 
So Wrapped Up  Intermediate  Alison Big, Peter Metelnick & Vikki Morris  Wrapped Up  Olly Murs  2014 
Sock It To Ya  Intermediate  Jonno Liberman & Shane McKeever  Sock It To Ya  Redfoo  2017 
Solaro  Intermediate  Kate Sala  Banca Banca  E-Type  Forårsfest 2009 
Solayoh  Intermediate  Kate Sala, Dee Musk, Robbie McGowan  Solayoh (Eurovision Version)  Alyona Lanskaya  2013 
Solo Humano   Intermediate  Debbie Ellis  Solo Soy Un Ser Humano   David Civera   2006/2007 
Soluna  Intermediate  Robbie McGowan Hickie  Monday Mi Amore  Soluna  2005/2006 
Some Girls Will  Improver  Vikki Morris  Some Girls Will. Some Girls Won't  Mike Denver   
Someday  Beginner/Intermediate  Niels B. Poulsen  Someday  Vince Gill   2006/2007 
Someday  Improver  Niels Poulsen  Hvad nu hvis...  Nik & Jay   
Something In The Water  Beginner  Niels B. Poulsen  Something In The Water  Brooke Fraser  2011/2012 
Sometimes Love  Improver  Karen Kennedy  Sometimes Love  Helena Fischer  2012/2013 
Somewhere In The Night  High Intermediate  Niels Poulsen, Shane McKeever, José Miguel Belloque Vane  Don´t Stop Believing  Teddy Swims   
Somewhere With You  Improver  Junior Willis & Scott Schrank  Somewhere With You  Kenney Chesney  Kusadasi 2011 
Sooner or Later  Intermediate  Gary O'Reilly (IRE) & Dee Musk (UK)  Sooner or Later  Jennifer Owens   
Soul Fire  Intermediate  Ria Vos  Woo  Anthony Hamilton  2012/2013 
Soul Food  Advanced  Lorenzo Evans  Collard Greens And Cornbread  Fantasia  Alanya maj 2011 
Soul Shake  Intermediate  Fred Whitehouse  Soul Shake  Tommy Castro   
Soulmates  Intermediate  Shane McKeever  Made  Spencer Crandall   
Sound of Silence  Advanced  Guyton Mundy  Sound of Silence  Disturbed  2016 
Southern Soul Bounce   Beginner  Roy Verdonk og Ira Weisburd  Southern Soul Bounce  MS Jody  060223 
Spanish Love  Intermediate  Phil Johnson  Te Quiero  Mestizzo  Fethiye 2009 
Speak My Mind  High Intermediate  Kirsten Matthiessen & Jannie Tofte Andersen  Fall in Line  Christina Aguilera ft. Demi Lovato  2018 
Speak With Your Heart  Intermediate  Peter Metelnick, Alison Biggs  Dont Tell Me Youre Not In Love  Collin Raye  Kusadasi 2009 
Speedy Mambo  Intermediate  Rep Ghazali  Speedy Gonzales  Kumbia All Stars  2008/2009 
Spicy Margarita  Low Intermediate  Fred Whitehouse & Jean-Pierre Madge  Spicy Margarita  Floyd Wonder   
Spotlight  Intermediate  Dee Musk  Spotlight  Jennifer Hudson  Alanya 2008 
Stand By You  Advanced  Maggie Gallagher  Stand By You  Rachel Platten  2015/2016 
Standing With You Tonight  Low Advanced  Niels Poulsen  Standibg With You  Guy Sebastian   
Starlight  Improver  Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie  Such A Night  Michael Buble   
Start Without You  Intermediate  Judy Rodgers  Start Without You  Alexandra Burke  2010/2011 
Stay for a While  High Intermediate - Rolling eight  Guillaume Richard  Stay for a While  Victor Ray   
Stay Stay Stay!  Improver  Niels Poulsen  Stay Stay Stay  Taylor Swift  2013/2014 
Stealing Apples  Intermediate  Rickard Tapper & Kenneth Nilsson  Äppelknyckarjazz  Movits  2011/2012 
Stealing The Best  Beginner  Rosie Multari  Dance Above The Rainbow  Ronan Hardiman  Kusadasi 2008 
Steamboat Queen  Improver  Niels Poulsen  Riverboat Queen  The Refreshments  11.9.23 
Step On The Good Foot (Funky)  Beginner  Matt Oakley & Guy Taylor  Hey Mama  Black Eyed Peas   2006/2007 
Stick Like Glue  Beginner  Benny Ray og Pernille Iljær Knudsen  Stuck On You  Elvis Presley  2012/2013 
Stilettos  Intermediate  Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever  High Heels  John Duff & Lillias White  2022 
Still Got The Blues  Intermediate  Niels B. Poulsen  I Still Got The Blues  Gary More  2010/2011 
Still Love Me Tomorrow  Intermediate  Rachael McEnaney  Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow  Leslie Grace   
Stille Liv (Quiet Life)  Improver  Kim Liebsch  Stille Liv  Jascha Richter   
Stings Like AB  Absolute Beginner   Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick  Where Did Our Love Go  Sinitta   
Stitches  Improver  Amy Glass  Stitches  Shawn Mendes  2015 
Stoked  Intermediate  Joey Warren  It's Alright  Pitbull ft Machel Montano  Bitez 2010 
Stomp And Kick  Intermediate  Kate Sala  Dont Lose Any Sleep Over You  Amy Diamond  2009/2010 
Stomp Down  Improver  José miguel Belloque Vane, & Sebastiaan Holtland,  Take Down   Rayelle   
Stomp Your Feet   Advanced  Shane McKeever   Sing  Pentatonix  2017 
Stonecold  Advanced  Niels Poulsen & Maria Maag  Heat  Scarlet Pleasure  2015 
Stop It  Intermediate  Rob Fowler  Stop It I Like It  Rick Guard  2009/2010 
Stories  Intermediate  Jannie Tofte Andersen  7 Years  Lukas Graham  2015 
Storm and Stone  Improver  Maddison Glover  Storm and stone  Run  031022 
Straight to the Castle  Phrased Contra Advanced  Joey Warren  Castle  Halsey  2017 
Strenght In Numbers  Intermediate/Advanced  Peter Metelnick and Alison Biggs  If No One Will Listen   Kelly Clarkson  Fethiye 2009 
Stricty Unholy  Advanced  Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto   Unholy  Sam Smith ft. Kim Petras  2023 
Stroll Along Cha Cha  Beginner  Rodeo Cowboys  Any Cha Cha    2004/2005 
Stuck  Intermediate/Advanced  Rachael McEnaney & Joey Warren  Stuck  Nessa Morgan  2012/2013 
Stupid In Love  Intermediate  Rachael McEnaney  Stupid In Love  Rihanna  2009 
Such A Fool  High Beginner  Niels Poulsen  Such a Fool as I  Jason Donovan  2014/2015 
Such A Night  Beginner  Helena Jeppsson  Such A Night  Michael Buble   
Such A Night  Beginner  Helena Jeppsson  Such A Night  Michael Buble   
Sugar & Pai  Intermediate  Kelli Haugen  Sugar & Pai  The Boots Band  2006/2007 
Summer Paradise  Improver  Niels B. Poulsen  Summer Paradise  Simple Plan feat. Sean Paul  2012/2013 
Summer Sway  Improver  Cody Flowers (USA), Rachael McEnaney-White (UK/USA) and Lisa Utz (USA  Sway  Danielle Bradbery   
Survivor   Beginner  Peter Metelnick   I Will Survive   Gloria Gaynor   2006/2007 
Suspicious Minds  Intermediate  Simon Ward  Suspicious Minds  Clay Aitken  2011/2012 
Sweet Addiction  Intermediate  Kate Sala & Daniel Whittaker  Should I, Would I, Could I   Modern Talking   2005/2006 
Sweet Attraction  Intermediate  Kate Sala, Shelly Guichard and Dee Musk  What Gave Me Away'  Trisha Yearwood   
Sweet Caroline  Improver  Darren Bailey  Sweet Caroline  Nell Diamond   
Sweet Like Candy  Improver  Daniel Whittaker  Take Good Care Of My Baby  Dick Brave  2014/2015 
Sweet Like Cola  Improver  Francien Sittrop  Sweet Like Cola  Lou Bega  Kusadasi 2010 
Sweet Little Dangerous  Intermediate  Pete Harkness  Sweet Little Dangerous  Heather Myles  2010/2011 
Sweet Lovin'  Intermediate  Dee Musk  Sweet Lovin'  Sigala ft. Bryn Christopher  2016 
Sweet Rock And Roll  Improver  Craig Bennett  B.G.M.O.S.R.N.R  J D McPherson  2012/2013 
Sweet Sweet Smile  Beginner/Intermediate  Johnny Two-step & Fi Scott  Sweet Sweet Smile  Scooter Lee   2004/2005 
Sweetie  Beginner  Birthe Tygesen og Niels B. Poulsen  One Sweet Day  Boyz 2 Men and Mariah Carey  2008/2009 
Swing All Night (CBA4LDF 2023)  Phrased Advanced  Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever  All Night Long  Brian McKnight ft. Nelly  2023 
Swing Low Sweet Chariot  Improver  Jo Thompson Szymanski  Swing Low Sweet Chariot  Scooter Lee  Alanya 2008 
Swing Time  Intermediate  Niels B. Poulsen  It's Chitlin Time  Dancelife  2009/2010 
Swing Your Chains  Intermediate  Dee Soares & Shaun Maguire  Chains  Tina Arena  2004/2005 
Swing Your Thing  Beginner  Ria Vos  Swing Thing  11 Acorn Lane  2014/2015 
Swingin' Praise  Phrased Advanced  Maddison Glover & Shane McKeever  Praise The Lord  Breland f. Thomas Rhett  2022 
Swingtown   Beginner  Kate Sala  Swingtown   Felicity   Alanya 2006 
Swore I Was Leaving  Intermediate waltz  Mark Furnell (UK) & Chris Godden  Swore I Was Leaving  Lady A