Dans:     Udfyld et eller flere felter for at finde den dans du søger, alle danse fra en bestemt koreograf eller en dans som passer til et bestemt stykke musik.

Du behøver ikke at udfylde hele navnet, du kan f.eks. nøjes med at skrive "rainy" hvis du søger efter "I Love A Rainy Night"

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Dans Niveau Koreograf Musik Kunstner Udlært
Wade In The Water  Beginner  Niels B. Poulsen  Wade In The Water  Eva Cassidy  2010/2011 
Waiting On You  Low Advanced  Gary O'Reilly (IRE) & Maggie Gallagher (UK)  Waiting On You  Céline Dion   
Waiting on Your Love  Intermediate  Maggie Gallagher  Waiting on Your Love  Victor Crone   
Walk Alone  Intermediate  Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie  I Walk Alone  Cher  2013/2014 
Walk On Ice  Intermediate/Advanced  Oli Geir  It Hurts  Lena Philipsson  2007/2008 
Walk This Earth  Intermediate  Dee Musk  Just A Dream  Jimmy Wayne  2004/2005 
Walk With Me  Advanced  Cato Larsen  Walk With Me  Michael Learns To Rock  2009/2010 
Walking Backwards  Beginner/Intermediate  Robbie McGowan Hickie  Walking Backwards  Brandon Sandefur  2007/2008 
Walking In The Rain  Improver  Maggie Gallagher  Walking In The Rain  Alex Swings Oscar Sings  2009/2010 
Walking On Air  Improver  Kim Ray  Angel Eyes  Michael Learns To Rock  2012/2013 
Walking on Air  Intermediate  Simon Ward & Amy Glass  Walking on Air   Anise K & Lance Bass feat.  2014/2015 
Waltz Across Texas  Beginner  Unknown  Waltz Across Texas  Scooter Lee  2006/2007 
Wanna Be Elvis  Improver  Robbie McGowan Hickie  Elvis Tonight  Jason Allan  Julefest 2008 
Wanna Know  Intermediate  Niels B. Poulsen  Naked  Bexar  09012020 
Wanna Know  High Intermediate  Niels Pouelsen  Naked  Bexar   
Wants and Needs  Intermediate  Darren Bailey and Kevin Formosa   Wants and Needs  Extreme Music  2017 
Watch The Tempo  Advanced  Joey Warren, Guillaume Richardat, Fred Whitehouse, Shane McKeever & Gemma Ridyard  Mad Love   Sean Paul  2018 
Waterfall  Improver  Maggie Gallagher  waterfall  Michael Schulte & R3HAB   040923 
Wating So Long  Intermediate  Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris  Been Waiting  Jesica Mauboy  Bitez 2010 
Wave On Wave  Beginner/Intermediate  Alan Birchall  Wave On Wave  Pat Green  2004/2005 
Waves of Love  Improver  Gary O'Reilly   Wherever Love Takes Us  Drake Jensen   
We Did  Intermediate  Gary O'Reilly  We Did  Sacha   
We Love It  Advanced  Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto   We Love It  Outasight  2019 
We Only Live Once  Intermediate  Robbie McGowan Hickie  We Only Live Once  Shannon Noll  2015 
We Will Survive  Beginner  Kim Liebsch  Hold The Line  Rod Stewart   
We'll Be Dancing  Intermediate  Maggie Gallagher  Everlasting  Take That  2018/2019 
We'll Stay Young  Intermediate  Gary O'Reilly, Guillaume Richard & Shane McKeever  The Rest Of Our Life  Tim McGraw & Faith Hill  2018 
We're In Heaven  Intermediate  Gary O'Reilly  Heaven  Shane Filan  2017 
We're Not Broken  Advanced  Dan McInerney  Just Give Me A Reason  Pink feat. Nate Ruess  2012/2013 
Weep  Advanced  Guyton Mundy  Relax my beloved  Alex Claire   2013/2014 
Well Do Ya?  Improver  Kim Ray  Do You Love Me?  The Overtones   
wellerman-ab  Absolut Beginner  Julie Snailham  Wellerman  Nathan Evans   
What Are Words  Intermediate  Niels B. Poulsen  What Are Words  Chris Medina  2011/2012 
What Do You Mean  High Beginner  Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Poy Verdonk  What Do You Mean  Justin Bieber   
What Ever  Intermediate  Kate Sala  Company You Keep  Maren Morris  2018/2019 
What If We Fly  Intermediate  Maggie Gallagher  What If We Fly  Chely Wright  2004/2005 
What Love Is  Intermediate/Advanced  Rachael McEnanay  What Love Is  Mary J. Blige  2007/2008 
What You've Done For Me  Intermediate  Julia Werzel  Done For Me  Charlie Puth (feat. Kehlani)  2018 
What!  Intermediate  Frankie Cull  But I Am A Good Girl  Christina Aquilera  Alanya maj 2011 
Whatever it Takes  Phrased Advanced  Shane McKeever, Fred Whitehouse, Niels Poulsen, JP Madge, Dee Musk & Joey Warren  Whatever it Takes  Imagine Dragons  2018 
Whats My Name  Intermediate  Dan McInerney  Whats My Name  Rihanna  2010/2011 
Whats The Deal  Advanced  Shaz Walton, Craig Bennett, Dee Musk  Nobody  Ne-Yo  2008/2009 
When I Cry  Improver  Maria Hennings Hunt  It only Hurts Me When I Cry  Raul Malo  Alanya 2008 
When I Drink  Intermediate Country NC2S  Shane McKeever  Where I Go When I Drink  Chris Young   
When I Need You  Intermediate  Doug Miranda  When I Need You  Celine Dion  2004/2005 
When I Need You  Improver  Karl-Harry Winson  When I Need You/ Here’s What I Believe  Joe McElderry   
When I Was Your Man  Advanced  Guyton Mundy  When I Was Your Man  Bruno Mars  2012/2013 
When I Was Yours   Intermediate  Craig Bennett  When I Was Your Man  Bruno Mars  2012/2013 
When I´m 64  Improver  Michael barrr  When I´m Sixty Four  The Beatles  2014/2015 
When In Love  Beginner/Intermediate  Toni Holmes & Steve Jefferies  You´ve Got It  Roy Orbison  2004/2005 
When She Grows Up  Easy Intermediate NC  José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL), Roy Verdonk (NL)  When She Grows Up  Craig Campbell   
When Will You Learn  High Intermediate  Jannie Tofte Stoian & Kirsten Matthiessen  You Love Who You Love  Zara Larsson  2024 
When You Are Old  Intermediate/Advanced  Kim Ray  When You Are Old  Gretchen Peters  2015/2016 
When You Say My Name  Intermediate  Maria Maag  When You Say My Name  The Overtones  2012/2013 
When You're Around  Intermediate  Dee Musk  Lost In You  Westlife  2005/2006 
Where I Stand  Intermediate  Rob Fowler   From Where I Stand  The Cheap Seats  2004/2005 
Where We´ve Been  Intermediate  Lana Harvey Wilson  Remember When  Alan Jackson  2004/2005 
Wherever I Go  Intermediate/Advanced  Julia Wetzel  There You'll Be  Faith Hill  2012/2013 
Whip It  Advanced  Shane McKeever & Rachael McEnaney-White  Whip It!  Lunchmoney Lewis ft. Chloe Angelides  2016 
Whispering  Intermediate  Joey Warren  Whispering  Alex Clare  2014/2015 
White Dress Worthy  Intermediate  Lee Hamilton  White Dress Worthy  Karissa Ella   1/11-2023 
White Lies  Phrased Advanced  Jean-Pierre Madge   I Don't  Robin Stjernberg  2023 
White Summer Dress   Easy Intermediate  Daniel Trepat & Junghye Yoon  White Summer Dress  Taylor John Williams   
White Summer Dress - Easy  Beginner  Anette Starup  White Summer Dress  Taylor John Williams   
Who Did You Call Darling  Beginner/Intermediate  Kevin Smith & Marie Fletcher  Who Did You Call Darlin´  Heather Myles  2004/2005 
Who U Love  Intermediate  Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris  Cant Help Who You Love  Jennifer Hudson  2009/2010 
Who's That Girl  Improver  Kim Liebsch  Who's That Girl  Darin  2012/2013 
Whole Again  Beginner/Intermediate  Sue Johnstone  Whole Again  Atomic Kitten  2004/2005 
Why Did It Have To Be Me  Beginner  Annette Nielsen   Why Did It Have To Be Me  Josh Dylan, Lily James & Hugh Skinner   
Why So Serious  Improver  Maria Maag  Raise Your Glass  Pink  2011 
Why This Kiss  Beginner  Adrey Watson  Why This Kiss  Mark Medlock  2009/2010 
Wild  Intermediate  Craig Bennett  Wild Horses (Radio Mix)  Soo-Bo feat Tee Webb  2009/2010 
Wild Fire  High Intermediate  Ria Vos  Wild Fire (feat. Misha Miller)  DJ Sava  2018/2019 
Wild Wild West Darlena  Beginner/Intermediate  Teresa & Vera   Wild Wild West   Will Smith  2006/2007 
Will You Call Me?  Intermediate  Niels Poulsen  Famous  Nathan Sykes  2016 
Windy City Waltz  Advanced  Simon Ward, Ria Vos, Darren Bailey  I Love You  Faith Hill  2012/2013 
Wiser & Older  Intermediate  Joey Warren  Wake Me UP  Tommee Profitt ft. Fleurie  2020 
With These Eyes  Intermediate  Darren Bailey & Niels B. Poulsen  With These Eyes  Roch Voisine  2006/2007 
Without Fire  Intermediate  Karl-Harry Winson  No Smoke  Michelle Lawson  2011/2012 
Without the Memories  Intermediate NC  Niels Poulsen  Home Movies  Lukas Graham & Mickey Guyton   
Without You  Advanced  Will Craig  Without You  David Guetta Ft. Usher  2011/2012 
Witness  Advanced  Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey  Witness (stripped version)  Daughtry  2015 
Woke Up Late  Advanced  Maddison Glover   Woke Up Late  Drax Project ft. Hailee Steinfeld   2019 
Wom Bom Bom  Intermediate  Paul McAdam & Craig Bennett  Bom Bom  Sam And The Womp  2012/2013 
Woman Up  Intermediate  Rachael McEnaney-White & Amy Christian  Woman Up  Meghan Trainor  2016 
Womaniser  Intermediate  Maggie Gallagher  Womanizer  Britney Spears  Alanya 2008 
Won't Back Away  Beginner  Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat, Roy Verdonk  Won't Back Away  John Dahlback   
Won't you stay  Improver  Joey Warren  Stay with me  Sam Smith  2014/2015 
Wonder Train  Easy Intermediate  Ria Vos  Wonder What You´re Doing For The Rest of Your Life  Train  2014/2015 
Wonderful  Improver  Paul McAdam  Wonderful  Annie Lennox  Kusadasi 2008 
Wonderland Waltz  Improver  Rob Fowler  Welcome To Mystery  Plain White Ts  Alanya 2010 
Wont Be Long  Intermediate/Advanced  Shaz Walton  February Song  Josh Groban  Kusadasi 2008 
Wont Let Go  Intermediate  Marlene Jakobsen & Jannick Bredholdt  I Wont Let Go  Rascal Flatts  2010/2011 
Woo Woo  Advanced  Rachael McEnaney-White   Hold Up Wait A Minute (Woo Woo)  Antonique Smith  2017 
Words Still Hurt  Intermediate  Fred Whitehouse  Words  Mickey Guyton   
Work Harder  Improver  Fred Whitehouse  Work HArder  Adele Roberts, James Oliver Hutchinson & Andrea Christina Obeid  231023 
Work In Progress   Intermediate  Ed Lawton  Love Ain't Here Anymore   Take That   2006/2007 
Work The World  Phrased Advanced  Rebecca Lee (MY), Mark Furnell (UK) & Chris Godden (UK)   Time Machine  Werq The World   
Work, Work  Improver / Intermediate  Rob Fowler and Darren Bailey  Go To Work  Cat Beach   
Wow Tokyo  Intermediate  Kate Sala and Ria Vos  I Don’t Care What You Say  Anthony Callea  2013/2014 
Wrapped Around  Beginner/Intermediate  Masters In Line  Wrapped Around  Brad Paisley  2004/2005 
Wreckage  Intermediate  Fred Whitehouse (IRE) & Shane McKeever (N.IRE)  Wreckage  Nate Smith   
Write The Song  Intermediate/Advanced  Dorte Nymand Hansen and Henrik Liebsch  I Write The Songs  Barry Manilow  2012/2013 
Written In The Stars  Intermediate/Advanced  Shaz Walton  Written In The Stars  Tinie Tempah Ft Eric Turner  2010/2011 
WTF  Advanced  Fred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey and Joey Warren  Want To Want Me  Jason Derulo  2015/2016