Øvet+  Jannie

Tirsdag  17.45-19.15  Nørregårdsskolen, klublokalet

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Dans  Niveau  Koreograf  Musik  Kunstner  Udlært 
Break Into My Heart  Intermediate  Darren Bailey  Break Into My Heart  Daughtry   
Color Me Crazy  High Intermediate  Tim Johnson & Joey Warren  Color Me Crazy  Sonny Oh ft. O.M.G.   
Dancing in the Stars  High Intermediate  Ryan Hunt & Jannie Tofte Stoian  In the Stars  Benson Boone   
Fixing Me   Intermediate  Fred Whitehouse  Fixing Me Breaking You   River Atley  230124 
Give it to Me Cha  Intermediate  Jean-Pierre Madge & Tim Johnson  Give it to Me  Lucky Luke  281123 
Go Getter  Phrased Advanced  Jean-Pierre Madge & Rebecca Lee  Go Getter  Dawin  311023 
Good Things Are Coming  Intermediate  Jean-Pierre Madge & Jannie Tofte Stoian  Good Things  Anna Graceman  190324 
I Mean Business  Low Advanced  Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever  I Mean Business  LG (Team Genius)  050923 
I'm Haunted  Intermediate  Shane McKeever   Ghost  Ava Max   
If I Fall  Intermediate  José Miguel Belloque Vane   Let Me Down Easy   Billy Currington   
Jumanji  Phrased High Intermediate   José Miguel Belloque Vane & Guillaume Richard   JUMANJI  HEDEGAARD & Cancun   
Just Hold Me  Intermediate / Advanced NC  Shane McKeever (N.IRE) & Niels Poulsen (DK)  Hold Me  Teddy Swims  050324 
Men on a Mission  Low Advanced  Niels Poulsen, Guillaume Richard & Gary O'Reilly  Man on a Mission  Oh the Larceny  141123 
My Dancing Feet  Intermediate  Fred Whitehouse & Jannie Tofte Stoian  Dancing Feet  Tim Gallagher  160124 
Our Own Party  Intermediate  Roy Hadisubroto, Shane McKeever & Jo Thompson Szymanski   Dance (Our Own Party)  The Busker  241023 
Reasons Why I Do  Phrased Advanced  Debbie Rushton & Jean-Pierre Madge   21 Reasons   Nathan Dawe feat. Ella Henderson   
Self-Love  High Intermediate - Rolling Count  Simon Ward   Lover  Taylor Swift  031023 
Sexy Body  Intermediate/advanced  Dustin Betts & Cody Flowers  Sexy Body   Pitbull ft. Jennifer Lopez   
Show Me  Intermediate  Joey Warren  Show Me What You Got  Ricky Cage   
The Last Man Standing  High Intermediate  Jannie Tofte Stoian & Kirsten Matthiessen  Last Man Standing  Livingston  270224 
Vulnerable  Advanced  Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto   Sapling  Foy Vance   
When Will You Learn  High Intermediate  Jannie Tofte Stoian & Kirsten Matthiessen  You Love Who You Love  Zara Larsson  130224 
You Get High  Intermediate  Rebecca Lee  Side Effects  Sophia Scott  190923